Wednesday, October 28, 2015

World Peace Through Beer

Maybe you're asking yourself "What the hell is World Peace Through Beer". Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. But if you didn't partake you really missed out. (Unless you're teetotal or just plain lazy, then you wouldn't have enjoyed it.)

The short story of World Peace Through Beer (WPTB) is that it's simply a way for us hashers to celebrate United Nations Day

But there's a little bit more to it than that.

The Hash is notorious for shitty beer. Shitty, shitty beer.
And it makes sense. 

During the middle of a run you don't really have time to bother enjoying a good beer. 
For doing Down-Downs you probably don't want a good beer, for a similar reason.
Why waste the money, effort and resources on good beer?


World Peace Through Beer is one of those special events where shitty beer is shunned like a liberal at a rodeo.

Different kennels may celebrate WPTB a bit differently from one another, but typically it involves different kinds of beer from around the world. It's a real nice change from PBR, Busch or the dreaded Bud Lite. WPTB gives us a chance to try something new, something international and probably even something good. 


On an important note: not all imports are good, I had the grossest Sour Beer last weekend and there was even some other beer that smelled like ass. 

The first WPTB we were involved with was with the Pooflingers H3, a New England traveling kennel. Once a year they offered the WPTB Challenge. 
Any participants in said challenge had to bring to trail one beer from 5 different continents, for 5 total beers. But, those beers could not match the beers from another contestant. If they did match, you both blow the challenge and have to wait another year to attempt it again.

WPTB Patch on top. Don't worry about the bottom patch yet.

That challenge is a pain in the ass. (See previous Ass picture)
How many beers from Asia or Australia can you find at your local store? Ya, maybe Kirin and Fosters. But if you have 3 or 6 people trying this challenge and you all show up with a big green can of Fosters, you all lose. So you need to do your research, you don't wanna be the schmuck that thinks Tecate is from South America. And the best place to research this is at your local specialty beer store. Something like Ryan&Casey's.

But this challenge is also awesome because after trail and circle, all that beer gets drunk, as do most of the hashers. 
In fact WPTB 2013 was the drunkest I've ever been. Thanks for the On-After Roscoe!

Proudly displayed, we've both earned the Poof WPTB patch.

Now we're living in the South so on October 24th 2015 we ran with Cape Fear H3 for their celebration of WPTB. (Also their 100th trail.)

No Challenge for this trail, but instead our trail, as opposed to having standard beer checks with shitty beer, had beer stops with international beers. Both at various bars in Carolina Beach and out of the hares' trunk.

Trunk Stop. (The driver does not partake.)

Man, I love running Urban. Ya, you can have more fun and debauchery in the woods, but there is something so great about running through a busy downtown with a bunch of other fools just trying to get to the next bar. And the bars we stopped at were pretty great. I don't remember their names, surprise.

All the bars we stopped at were year round out-door set ups. Kickass.

What'd we do? Three or four bars and one or two trunk stops? I was going to wear the GoPro so I'd have it saved to digital memory, but I gotta respect that some hashers want anonymity. So no GoPro.       

My girl and I decided somewhere around the last beer check that I'd be designated driver for this outing. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team, and that meant for circle I couldn't really drink much. But my hunny had a good time and drank enough for both of us.      

It's interesting to see how different RAs\Kennels run their circle. Our RA set up a second cooler outside of circle to send noisy hashers to. Pretty cool idea. Instead of having to yell "Hash Hush" just send the guilty parties off to their own cooler. Bummer there wasn't ice for them to sit on.
Different songs are good too! Cape Fear knows Yogi, which sucks, I hate that song. But they've a bunch of stuff we've never heard before. Oh, they also know Dicky Die Doh, or whatever it's called, here too. I hate that damn song more than Yogi. 

On-In. Lonely Pirate? Lazy Pirate? Lumpy Pirate? Anyway, that was a kickass On In. Hunny continued to drink some good beer, we got some killer nachos and fried green beans.
(I feel we lost the DTW and Trashers at the On-In...did we?)
And I finally got see Shagging. I know! I know! Not what you think though, it's just what Southerners call East Coast Swing. It's big here. 

When all was said and done, twenty to twenty five us ran about four miles through downtown Carolina Beach. We ran through some really nice areas, we ran through town and we checked out a few bars that I never would have found on my own. I met some cool new people and got to hang with the wicked fun Cape Fear Hash House Harriers. All in all, a helluva great way to spend a Saturday. 

Proof reading this, I can't tell if this was supposed to be a Product Review or a Race Review. Bah, whatever.

Solidarity Comrade!

I've highlighted Pooflingers and Cape Fear.


What are you doing next United Nations Day? Other than nothing because who the hell celebrates that anyway? 

Get a hold of your local kennel, or even me, if you'd like to participate in WPTB. It's a good time. You'll make some new friends to run with, and you'll make some new friends to drink good beer with. Win-Win right there.


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