Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Product Review: "On the House" Bloody Mary Mix

Every Joe, Dick and Harry claims they have the best Bloody Mary mix in the world, often it's some sort of weird alpha male thing. 

Ever notice that?

When was the last time some little pencil neck claimed to have the best Bloody? NEVER. 

Bloody Marys are a little subjective. Most people seem to like them spicy or at least very flavorful. Not everyone likes them salty or garlicy or peppery. But everyone wants a Bloody Mary that has some kind of pizzazz. (Why even bother with a mix if you're just going to drink vodka and tomato?)

You've probably had good Bloodys, and probably had some bad one's too.

Man, I remember at NURD a few years back, someone brought Puffy's recipe. And it was goooooood. Real good.
At Sebago Restaurant in Portland ME I had a pretty memorable and tasty Bloody.
Oh man, Sillys. Silly's has some wicked Bloody options. Damn, I should have moved to Portland just for that place.

Well, I don't have the means or patience to fine tune a Bloody Mary recipe. I usually just make a gazpacho and add vodka. But sometimes I don't even have time for that so I'm forced to buy Bloody Mary Mix.
And I recently bought this stuff:

On The House Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix

We bought this on sale at our local Kroger grocery store. It was two for five bucks. Not a bad deal there.

What kind of vodka did we use?

We're not in New England anymore.

Exclusiv?  What the hell was that? Where'd we get that? 

The liquor stores in South Carolina SUCK. Expensive as hell and crap selectionI mean, it wasn't bad tasting vodka, but for the money...

Annie Lenux sucks just as bad. "Sweet Dreams"? Is she referring to herself? Gross.

So this Bloody Mary mix. I should have looked at the ingredient list. Water, Tomato Paste, Salt, High Fructose Corn Syrup, blah blah blah. 

I love sodium.

The first ingredient is water, and it tasted like water.

NO flavor at all, maybe just a slight tinge of rusty sheet metal, but nothing you'd want in a Bloody Mary.

Fortunately I had plenty of veggies kicking around for this bloody debacle. So I diced up some peppers, carrots and celery and chucked it all in there with more salt, pepper and Tabasco. Basically making that gazpacho I just talked about.

My Dad makes a good gazpacho.

There's no real tomato flavor, I had to add tons salt, pepper and Tabasco to give it any character at all. But there was still that lingering rusty taste, and my fillings are all pretty new, so it wasn't that. It's this mix, man. 

And yes, I looked the expiration date. Its 3-16. So it is technically still fit for consumption. 

We really try not to waste food, beverage or booze. So the girl and I somehow finished to wipe out one of the two bottles. But now I'm stuck with another brand new, un-opened bottle of this...

Announcing my first blog campaign Give-Away!

You, yes YOU could win a bottle of "On the House" Bloody Mary mix! 
Simply comment below on this blog and tell me how drinking Bloody Marys has made your life better.
First one to comment wins it!!

I don't have a car. So you gotta come get it.



  1. I win!
    Your sister,

  2. Congratulations Jenny!
    Your product is ready for either pick up or consumption in Myrtle Beach!

  3. I like this your Bloody Mary. As for my family we do it totally another way. Though it is tasty.