Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gym Karma, Running Karma, Life Karma.

I'm a certified Personal Trainer. I have been for a few years. It wouldn't be out of the question for me to charge from 25 to even 60 bucks an hour.

I'm not the best Trainer in the world, I'm not the most famous, smartest or fittest. But I am the best looking, and I really enjoy what I do.

So I often work with people for free. 

I'm a blue collar schlub. Always have been. I work/live paycheck to paycheck (when I have a damn job) and often have to sacrifice things I enjoy to deal with other "real" responsibilities. So I get that not everyone can afford a trainer, but I didn't get into this to get rich (good thing).

I got into this because I freeking enjoy it. I got into this because I know the awful side effects of a sedentary lifestyle. But mostly I got into this because I really like teaching and helping people feel better about themselves and life in general.

When I taught at Truckee Meadows Community College, class was scheduled for 60min. I'd have 15-25 students for 60min per week for a semester. And that's just not long enough. So I'd work with many students after class, on my time, on my dime.

And it's worth every damn second! Man, I hope I can find a video or something to post here and show some of my former students (you may have to be Friends with me on FB to see that).

But even after leaving Reno and moving back to shitty Brattleboro, I was still helping co-workers out at the gym. Have you seen most idiots at the gym? If somebody asks for help, you gotta help them. There needs to be some kind of Hippocratic Oath for Trainers. 

Two guys in particular come to mind, and I'd happily spend hours and hours teaching/training or working out with them. Just for the reasons I posted above. My own fitness would be sacrificed, but so what? I'm helping these dudes in so many more ways than just teaching them to bench press or explaining the benefits of cardio.

We're arguing over who gets to be Rocky.

Heather and I also put together a weekly Ranger Run. A group of us would run the trail behind work and stop every quarter mile or so and do some kind of plyo or other exercise. Anyone and everyone was invited.

Who doesn't enjoy tire flippin'?

And not until I moved to Myrtle Beach did I realize I'd been building up some real good karma. (You don't have to really believe in karma, but I think most people would agree that one good turn deserves another, ya?)

Since June I have been given 3 race entries. THREE! I would bet the total money price for all three would be around 275 bucks.

The first was for a Fourth of July race here in town. A fellow Hasher is also involved in race directing and chip timing. He hooked me up. (On-On Rigor!)

The second race was given to me by a fellow I'd never met from my local running group. It was for the Francis Marion Dirt Dash just outside of Charleston. How cool is that? He has no idea who I am, he hooked me up all the same.

The third and most recent is being given to me from a friend and  local Tri-guy who has decided to go pace a half marathon in Bar Harbor, Maine instead. It's for the Myrtle Beach Mini. 
(It's going to be warmer here.)

But wait, that isn't all. Grand Strand Running Club also put on a free race earlier this summer. FREE RACE! 

The local running store, Black Dog, also puts on weekly runs, often with demos, contests or free swag.

This is fantastic, great, awesome and all those kinds of words. I really enjoy living in Myrtle, but Heather and I haven't been able to do the kind of racing we did in Brattleboro, and this payback is keeping me motivated to just run. (I still really miss OCR though)

I haven't yet had the opportunity here to help any buds or co-workers at the gym, or on the bike, skis, board, trail or whatever. But I know the time will come again. Well, it'd better, I'm getting bored and weak without a gym workout partner...

So to all my former students, gym rat buddies and anyone I may have helped on the way...You actually gave me these opportunities, so thank you.



  1. We certainly miss your motivation here Geoff! Thanks for always being enthusiastic and getting me off my ass when I'd rather be reading :)

  2. That's great that you're such a person that can help others to to train right not depending on your own loosing training.