Friday, September 18, 2015

Product Review: Navel Oranges

Everyone eats fruit. Well, everyone should eat fruit, and oranges are often an easy go-to. 

A medium sized orange has about 80 calories, 250mg of Potassium, 14g of sugar and 130% of your DRA of Vitamin C.

From the Sunkist webpage

But more importantly, Oranges taste good and they're pretty refreshing. Usually...

Because I had nothing to do the other day I thought I'd review some Navels that I got at my local Kroger.

Typically navel oranges are available from November through May, with peak supplies in late winter. So maybe buying them in September wasn't the best idea.They weren't a recognizable brand name either, just a knock off brand.

Sometimes you want to peel an orange. And these actually peeled quite well and easily. There was a low-moderate amount of that white skin stuff. 

A reasonable amount of skin left after the peel is gone. 

Sometimes you just want to cut your orange into slices. If you have a sharp knife, this is easy enough to do and you can see here that these kept a pretty uniform slice and didn't just turn into pulp.

However, slicing them actually yielded less available edible fruit. You can see from this picture the wasted orange.

And it gets stuck in your teeth.

But it really all boils down to taste. 
These were actually Ok. Almost the kind of orange you would expect to get with your bill at Chinese Food. They'd also make a great garnish orange. For the money (2.99 a dozen), they definitely weren't a bad deal, but if you want an orange with some real pizzazz, you may need to spend a bit more. 

Slices vs Peeled. Also, please notice the gratuitous product placement. The Reebok All Terrain Supers I want to review (Those are Heather's) and my coveted O2X/Dunkin' Donuts cup.

The convenient carrying size of an orange should also be considered. Notice how readily a Navel fits inside a Reebok All Terrain Super.

Heather's Reebok All Terrain Super. I'd run the living piss out of these.

Fruit is gamble. You can get a great apple on Monday, then a crappy apple on Tuesday. 
So make sure to ask your local Produce Expert what kind of fruit is best for you. 

But in the meantime, I'll continue to bring reviews on all sorts of things. Until I get a job, then you're on you own.