Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's really damn hot.

As of this writing (8-28-15) I still have no job, so I get to run a lot more and go to the gym a lot and do whatever. After picking up after Heather and the cats, I have lots of free time. So she, yes she decided we should train for this next Ultra we want to do.

Damn, I wonder if we're even rego'd yet. I'll be disappointed if rego is closed.
(We just rego'd, it cost 69 dollars. Snicker,snicker)

I guess I did run a good chunk in New England....

Training for The Seven Sisters Trail Race.
Between the hashing and racing etc., I did run. But man, nothing like this kind of mileage. I remember once reading that mileage should only be increased around 10% a week. That makes sense. So if I was only running 10 miles a week, I could safely bump up to 11 miles.
No problem.
Starting the last week of July, I did 27.5 miles per week. (mpw)
First week of Aug I ended with 28. That's easily within 10%!
Second week of Aug I ended with 36. Hey...that's closer to 35%...
This week I bailed early on a run but  I should end (with a race on Saturday) with 39. Cool, back within 10%
Next week I'm scheduled for 47! Shit. That's a lot of running. 18 on Monday, 11 on Tuesday then some shorter runs toward the end of the week.

I like running. I really do. But I am not a natural runner. My damn father was (Sub 2min half mile!) but I don't have that in me. I fight for my mileage, like I think many of us do, and I don't always get my mileage because I feel like shit.
Here's a couple of reasons:
We recently moved to South Carolina from Vermont, and it's really damn hot. It's awesome. But it's hot. And freekin' muggy. Holy shit, breathing's like having a wet washcloth over your mouth.
 Step outside for a run at 6am and you're sweating by 6:00:10, your shirt is soaked by 6:05 and you hope the vat of Vaseline squished into the crotch of your shorts will hold out til the end of your run.
16miles into an 18miler. I was already soaked in sweat anyway. 

We're also skint. Being unemployed gives me lots of time to run, but not lots of money to re-fuel properly. And even worse, as a Vegetarian, I'm always hungry. We eat pretty healthy, and thank god for Heather's contacts, but there is never enough real food.

So those are the two big things that I feel are really holding me back. Heat and Food. Heat and Food. Now, one of them, the heat, is slowly going to become a non-issue. I've been told it will cool down here sometime in late October. But I will still be out doing 30 mile training runs in the mid-70s.

The nutrition thing is going to be a work in progress. We have Cliff, About Time and Vega products kicking around for days. PowerBars (the original ones) work really well for me mid-run.
I've decided that water will be the only thing going into my CamelBak, there's always water on course, but not always Heed or Cytomax, so I don't want to get used to any drink then not have it available on course.
I kinda figure if I can get this dialed in for that 30mile training run, then I'll be good to go for Dec 5th.

In the meantime, if you know of any part time work, let me know. There's a ton of other things out there I need to do.

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