Sunday, September 20, 2015

Product Review: Steel Reserve Alloy Edition, Blk Berry

The market is flooded with recovery drinks. Protein, electrolyte, aminos, even chocolate milk.

But sometimes after a run you might want a damn beer or a hard lemonade, ya know, something a bit more adult. And we all have our favorites. PBR is disgustingly popular, but I personally would prefer an IPA or if it's wicked hot, I want a Mike's Hard Lemonade.

I was out running the Hulk the other afternoon. I was shooting for just the front lap, 4 miles. But at 1 mile in I just wasn't feeling good and at 2 miles I felt like total crap. I'd forgotten to eat after the gym and I'm still recovering from Lyme. So I bailed at 3 miles and went to the store and bought this:

Alloy Series? Alloy of what? Window cleaner and rubbing alcohol?

I'm used to drinking lower than average grade booze. I'll drink Busch, PBR or even Keystone if I have to. But this stuff...this stuff has got to be the grossest shit I've ever tasted.

White Trash.

It is called Blk Berry. It's purposely misspelled. I guess that should have told me something. But I was real thirsty and wanted to try something new.

1.99 for that can. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get less.

I'm surprised there's no chunks.

8 percent alcohol. Not shabby. But if you can't keep it down, it doesn't really matter what percent it is.

Trying to describe a taste is always hard. But if you were to take fingernail polish and soak some dirty purple underwear in it, then mix with ben-gay, then serve in a can lined with'd get this stuff.

Next time I'm just going to drink the Glass Cleaner.

I was told by my partner in crime that the Margarita version wasn't too terrible. In fact, after drinking the Margarita, she polished off the Blk Berry. 


But I personally won't be buying any Steel Reserve in the future. I do hate giving bad reviews of anything, but the general public needs to know NOT to drink this.  I wouldn't even buy this for my younger brother as a joke. It's plain awful.


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