Monday, July 2, 2018

Product Review: SIxteen Dollar Shade Tent from Aldi

I'm writing this review in June/July of 2018.
Things are currently looking up for Heather and me. And although we're far from loaded we decided to spend some money on Skin Cancer prevention in the form of:

Pretty Orange and Blue Tent Thingy!!!


We decided this summer to purchase a State Park pass. For South Carolina, I gotta add, not Vermont or Nevada. It cost us $75 and essentially get's us into any SC State Park. 

Well, we've got TWO State Parks in Myrtle Beach. Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park. Huntington is a ten minute drive up the road from our gym and MB is a ten minute drive from our house. 
So we now spend a good amount of time at the beach! 
Sorry clients, I unplug while I'm there. I'm working on my boogie board skills.

I don't like to use Sunblock. Ya, the sun will give you cancer, but shit, so will covering your epidermis with chemicals. 
And Aspertame will give you cancer too.
So we decided on taking a chance on this $16 funky pop-up sun shelter.

It is realllllyyyy easy to set up. You just take it out of the sleeve and toss it in the air, Boing!

Flip it right side up, and good to go.

It comes with four guy lines and nine, yes mine had nine, stakes to secure it into the beach sand....?  I do stake it down, not sure how much it really helps. Leave a cooler in it too, it'll help weigh it down.

It gets windy on the beach, Stake the frame and guy lines.

It's a pretty handy place to stash all your gear to prevent the wind from blowing it away too. Towels, Boogie Boards, shoes, all that kind of beachy shit, just toss it into the shelter.

Even at the beach it looks like we're having a damn yard sale..

It'd be myopic of me not to mentions a couple of drawbacks though.

It is not the most durable material. If you let your dog play in it, it will get destroyed.

If you cook in it, you'll get a big melty mess of a tent husk.

It is not an Umbrella. Don't expect to get your Tommy Bahama beach chair under this thing.

It may take you 45 minutes to figure out how to take it down, or if you watch our video, it may only take 45 seconds.

If you already shop at Aldi and are looking for a quick sun shelter, I really do recommend this one. Unless, like I said, you have dogs.

I can fit in it.

I will try to post an update if we bring this to a race. Not sure what we may use it for, but I like to take as much shit as I can carry to any race I go to.

Notice the shoes match the tent case? I planned that. Aiming for a GQ cover.

Follow up, July 4th 2018: This thing is brutally susceptible to wind!!!

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