Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Product Review: Beat Up Old Slippers

Slippers. You should have some. Maybe even these ones.

Mr. Pineapple Head. I'm in talks with Playskool.

I don't remember how I came by them, or the exact date I got them, but I'm thinking my mom probably got these slippers for me for Xmas sometime back in Reno? Ma, can you confirm?

I aim to give you some information about what could be a life changing piece of footwear.

Beat Up Old Slippers!!

Let us not waste time with fancy technical manufacturer specs, here's what I say:

This is a Zero Drop piece of footwear. 

I can't tell what the overall stack height is, or was. Let's say 12mm, and I'm gonna call the cushion "Somnambulate Satisfaction"

That's 12mm of plush responsiveness right there.

There is no Post underfoot. Post is the fancy word used for the build under the arch in Stability shoes. If you over-pronate maybe stick a freakin' pair of Superfeet in 'em, I bet that'd be comfortable.

Unless you're running in snow over 6 inches deep, you won't need gaiters.

Although you can wear them on all terrains, the grip of these is less than ideal on technical trail. (See Pineapple picture above)

The lacing system is simple and easy to use.

The slipper is the one on the left, the one with no laces at all. Doesn't get any simpler.

They weigh in at 5 grams each. I know that because I guessed. 

Other than my Merrell Vapor Gloves, this has possibly been the best pair of footwear I've owned. 

Good footwear.

I obviously feel this is a very versatile piece, but maybe you're wondering what can you actually do with these styling kicks? 

Camping? Hell ya! These aren't galoshes, but they're pretty durable, and warm!

That's my angry face, because I'm cold.

Walking the dog? Dunno, I don't have a dog. 

Snowboarding? No. Hell no.

Cleaning the catbox? Sure why not.

That is a bigcatbox.


Messy Kitchen!


              Rolling Sushi? Yep.

Can you wear these Mountain Biking?
Only if they match your killer cycling kit.

Careful with the SPDs (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) not STDs which you should also be careful of.

I currently wear a size 11 to 11.5 in running shoes. When I got these years ago, I was a size ten. They fit as good now as they did then. I propose this slipper actually grows with the user. Must be Nano-technology in there.

I searched Amazon in an attempt to find a link to share. It saddens me that I can't find any official information on these. I really have no idea who made them, but since I've had them for nearly a decade, I really wanted to promote them. Bummer.

And kinda like a good wife, these slippers have seen me through thick and thin, better and worse, and all that kinda shit. 

And maybe everyone doesn't want a spouse, but I bet everyone wants a quality slipper.

If you have a favorite slipper, or just want to share stupid pics of you doing stuff wearing slippers, please post below.

Thanks for reading, 
Merry Christmas!

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