Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bad Housekeeping: Butter Dish

As the Fod Bloogs have been a most surprising hit, I've decided to expand upon my domestic prowess and bring you a new blog series. I welcome you to:

 Bad Housekeeping.

Most dinner tables in this country keep a Butter Dish on the table. 

Thats a $15 Butter Dish.

I love butter. When I'm in a Vegan phase, I do vegan butter. It comes in it's own dish. See?

This is my butter of choice. Earth Balance. Re-usable container by the way.

But right now since I'm on food stamps, I eat as cheap as I can. And that means real dairy butter. And you gotta have something to put it in. Well, you should have something to put it in.

I did clean the counter before taking this picture.

If you leave butter in it's own wrapping paper and try to use it from there, you'll end up with some nasty butter. Cat hair, Bunny hair, Little kid germs, fleas, spiders, lint and toast crumbs are only the beginning of the shit you'll find stuck to your quarter pound of golden fatness.

To avoid this calamity, put your butter where your Tofu was.
That almost sounds like a curse... 

That's me editing my blog there.

This is pretty decent size container here. You could easily fit two sticks of butter in here. I only put in one stick at a time. But feel free to use your best buttery judgement on what works for your household. 

But where's the lid? There's no lid! The butter lies unprotected.

Our second piece to the butter dish is a simple napkin, pictured above in fact.

Butter is both a great condiment and ingredient. If you need to make cookies or flavor up your instant mash, you're going to need butter. 

I hope this little bit of advice is going to help you keep your butter better protected from shit. 

Actually this butter dish probably won't fit in the Butter Drawer in the fridge, and if you leave it out on the counter I'm sure flies will find their way in. So there's that...

As the winter approaches, or might even already be here...I recommend putting some butter into a Hot Buttered Rum. Save some for your mashed, but keep save a stick for that recipe below.

There's no booze in that recipe?!?!? Add your own Captains then.

 Enjoy your new butter dish.

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