Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fod Blooging: Ghetto Wrap

I don't actually live in a ghetto. 
But as I'm sure you all know, my food budget does fall right into line with Section 8. So I make due with what food we can get.

Today I'm going to tell you about my Mac-n-Cheese Spinach Wrap.

Cheap and Easy. Just like me!

It's pretty easy and has very few ingredients. It is reasonably portable too, making it a good "Grab and Go" kind of food for my ghetto kind of lifestyle.

The main ingredient: Mac N Cheese.
There's directions on the box, follow those. 

Any brand of Mac N Cheese will work.

Second ingredient: Spinach.
Baby or regular, doesn't matter. Hell, you could even get fancy and use Arugula.

Everybody loves Spinach.

Final ingredient: Tortilla wraps.
Use flour tortillas. You're not really a glutard, you just say you are, and un-cooked corn tortillas taste like 80 grit sandpaper.

Just like Abuelos!

One of the key things of this recipe is to make 100% sure that you have cooked your Mac N Cheese. Using raw Mac would be pretty revolting I'd think.

So you've got your Mac all cooked up?  
Lay out your tortillas and put a nice bed of spinach on each, maybe a cup or so. Make sure not to just clump the spinach, spread it across the centerline of each tortilla.

Then you're going to dump on some of that Mac N Cheese. Again, probably about a cup or so, according to personal taste and how much you actually made.

Shown pre garnish/seasoning.

From here it's up to you on how you want to garnish/season. I like to add Black Pepper and Hot Sauce. But I bet Ranch would be good too.
Roll em up, and eat em!

I've had requests for pairings to go along with some of my Fod Bloogs. And I have a great pairing to go with this dish.
Since you may already have the Hot Sauce out, why not mix a shot of it with a shot of whiskey to make a Prairie Fire
I don't think a shot of Ranch mixed with a shot of whiskey would be very good at all.

Yep, there's another great bit of cuisine for you all. 
But I also would like to take quick second to share a Bad Housekeeping idea.

Why not use the wifes hairbrush as a soapdish?

I've asked her a million times to put her stuff away.

Thanks for reading!

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