Thursday, February 18, 2016

Product Review: Pioneer Dinner Plates

I don't remember when I bought these. Who am I kidding, the ex-wife probably bought these. Joke's on her though, she didn't get everything, I got the tea kettle, Smooshy, and this awesome set of camping tableware.

I'm not one to really need fancy things. Ya, my former bicycle collection was made up of some pretty damn sick shit, but that's about it. And who really needs fancy dinner plates anyway?
(Hint: Nobody.)

I've been eating off these plates since my divorce back in...2011? 2012? I don't know. It doesn't matter anyway. The important thing is that I've been using these for years.

Two of the coffee mugs are somewhere in the cabinets above the sink at New Chapter, but I don't know where I lost the other two.

I still have the plates and bowls though. And this is what Heather and I have been using since our first Tofu dinner.

With these dishes, we never have to worry about chipping, breaking or staining. They're made of fancy kiln hardened heavy gauge steel with a shiny steel rim.

Part of my nutritious diet

We don't have to worry if the guests will like them. And by "worry" I mean "care".
C'mon. I'm not going to impress anyone with anything in my kitchen so these dishes are just following the theme-less attraction that is our home.

These dishes clean very easily. I don't use a dishwasher. I do the dishes by hand, and with a quality scrub pad they come clean in no time. (They are dishwasher safe however.)

They stack in the cupboards nicely. They have a very low profile when placed on top of one another.

Less height than a foam roller. Foam rollers are dumb.

You can readily throw these plates.
If you're pissed at your significant other or the dog or your mom, just chuck one of these plates at them!
It won't break. It may make a loud clatter, but that's ok, you're pissed and you want your target to know.
(I'd actually recommend throwing two bowls instead of a plate, you get more effect.)

I don't recall actually ever taking these camping...

But we have served some serious cuisine on these.

Bilge Rat and some ridiculous rat food sugar cookies.

These plates and bowls are very light. I can hold them easily with my arm extended and not worry about dropping them.

I've been hitting the gym.


A few things to note:
1)They come in a set of four.
2)You can have any color you want, as long as you want blue.
3)DO NOT microwave. I haven't tried it, but just don't.
4)Wicked hot liquids in the coffee cups may burn ya a bit. Wear gloves or something.

These plates retailed for 59.95 American. I got them from Campmor so here's a link directly to them, because you're going to want these plates

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