Monday, December 14, 2015

Product Review: This lighter I found in the parking lot

I found a lighter in the parking lot at 42nd Ave Beach Access.

Its not everyday I find something as useful as a lighter. We have several uses for lighters around the house, and spending money on a lighter just seems so wasteful when you're eating frozen pizza 3 nights a week. So let me tell you how stoked I am that I found this.

It's a Bic!

This lighter is going to allow me to light the candle in the bathroom. Between my awful diet and the 2 cat boxes in there, we really need a candle.

I can also use the lighter to light my pineapple on fire.

Lighters make a fantastic cat toy.

Sometimes I have blisters between my toes from running. The lighter doesn't really help actually.

Comparing this to another lighter I found kicking around, it appears this is actually Bic's bigger lighter.

I've no idea how long I've had the little green lighter. Let alone where it came from.

So far the flame has held out nice and steady.
There is no flame adjustment on this one.
I haven't yet burned my fingers on it.
It readily ignites whatever I put in front of it, within reason of course.

Stupid Bloody Mary Mix.

Although I really enjoy this lighter, I've been thinking of giving it to Heathers kids for Christmas. Little kids love setting shit on fire. And I feel this is a good entry level ignition system for them.

I'm also giving them this little ball of cat fur with Googely Eyes. This should catch on fire eventually.

Kids love cat hair.

There may come a time in the future when I have to purchase a lighter, and if I can find this one for 99cents. I'm going to buy it.