Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Product Review: Ryte Mojo Plus Pack

I originally started taking the Ryte products in January 2015 when I was mostly working on gaining some muscle, not weight loss. 
I substituted my normal Pre-workout for the Ryte Spark, my normal Post-workout for the Ryte Fuel and added the Ryte Rejuv to my overall program.

Thats my cat. She's really cute, old too. But this gives you a gist of the size of the boxes

I was taking the Spark around 3pm, 2.5 hours before my normal gym time.
Now, I typically get cranked on nasty pink sugary Pre. I normally get this Walmart stuff that I actually really like. It's sweet and gross, but works pretty damn well. So when I cut this and substituted the Ryte, I had some reservations.

But hey!  The Ryte is alright! There was NO hyper-activity from this. No racing heartbeat or sweats or anything. There was however, just a nice feeling of alertness. Ya know, like that feeling you get after a 10-15min run. Nothing over the top, but enough to get you through a 2hr gym session.

The Rejuv stuff however, that knocked me on my ass, as it was marketed to. Now, keep in mind I took this around 930pm, after working out. I normally sleep pretty good anyway, but this stuff really knocked me out. I did however, often wake up at 4am to pee, then stayed awake, entirely alert. This may have something to do with my natural sleep patterns or the horrible cabin fever we're all suffering. Or maybe I only need 6hrs of sleep....dunno. But this stuff will PUT you to sleep in less than 15min.

The Fuel: Not too shabby. Not too shabby. If you keep a mixer ball in your water bottle, it'll mix up all nicey-nice. No chunks. The flavor is pretty decent. No chalky taste, no over the top sweetness. I wouldn't want to drink it while running though. Its got that milky consistency.

In January I was weighing in around 200lbs or so. I was taking all this gear and basically eating anything (vegetarian) that I wanted. There was very little cardio going on.

THEN: Heather signed me up for a Marathon. Weight loss time.
I am now taking a packet of Ryte at noon with lunch, instead of 3pm. This does a pretty good job of curbing my appetite for my typical 3pm snack.
I am also eating a good bit less of dairy. I have tons of veggies for 10am breakfast, and noon lunch. I have a bar of some sort around 5 and try to keep the cheese to a minimum.
I am back taking my normal Pre and doing a boat load of cardio to train for this damn marathon.
In the past 5-6 weeks I've dropped down to about 190lbs. And I feel pretty damn good. I don't get any kind of mid-day crash and I hit the gym motivated.
As I don't really have any trouble falling asleep, I've stopped taking the Rejuv for a while. I do still occasionally take the Fuel, but am also mixing in an Amino Acid bevvy for a Post.

As with most products out there, you need to exercise and eat right to really see any benefits.You can take all the crap in the world, but if you don't put in the effort you shouldn't expect much. I think this Ryte product line up is great if you're putting in the work.

Here's some stats on this stuff: No GMO's. Not Artificial junk. Safe for Glutards and Veggie Caps.
All good. If you want more nitty gritty, go to their site

Another pic, with my cat. This shows envelope size.

The products absolutely do what they claim to do. They're easy to consume and digest. The little packets are nice to carry in a pocket, although perhaps creating a bit of extra waste as opposed to a bottle of 30caps.
Is a 30 day supply of this gear worth the 200 bones listed on the website?
I say no. This is good product, don't get me wrong. I'd take it year round if I could. But 200 bucks?!?! You know what you could do with that? I mean c'mon, thats 2400 a year!
I feel you'd be better off hiring a Personal Trainer and a Dietician. Take that moolah and do some races or fun-runs. Hell, go by a new gym wardrobe.

Ryte is basically a pyramid scheme concept, simalar to Beach Ball Body. Don't ask me exactly how it works as I am not interested in the actual marketing.

I've really been enjoying In Absentia from Porcupin Tree today. Good music.

The long and the short of Ryte products!!! I'd pay 50$ a month for this gear. Maybe up to 75$ if I really needed to drop some weight. But I could cycle some steroids for 200...

Please remember however, the source of this review. I don't really have any weight issues, I sleep like a baby most nights and I'm already very active and eat a vegetarian diet.

If you are struggling with motivation and weight loss, please try to find some more Ryte reviews written by people of situations similar to your own. This seems like a good company trying to make a product for your average joe, not your anarchist gym rat.

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