Sunday, March 9, 2014

Product Review: Saucony Mirage 4

It's a drag I get these cool review shoes in the Winter. I hate Winter in Vermont. I don't run outside when the temp is less than 40, and I won't run outside when you can't see the pavement or sidewalks due to snow. So basically it's treadmill for me for 5months a year here.

Damn I can't wait to move.

 A while back Saucony sent me the Guide7 to check out ( Click this ), but now I get to try the Mirage 4.

I've been trying to pile up the dreadmill mileage in these. I've also been using them for Leg Day at my gym. Before we had the mandatory switch to steel toed frankencloppers at work, I used them there too. 

Have I mentioned I can't wait to move?

I want to get outside and RUN in these! They fit like a dream. (Size 10 for this guy in Saucony sizes) They are light. They are very comfortable, right out of the box even. The Guide took me while to break in, these didn't.

There is a bit of cush in these, a perfect amount for me so far ( I NEED PAVEMENT!) and they feel secure on my feet when I'm Squatting.

They feel pretty light, I'm going to chuck one at Heather later on and we can get her opinion.

Here is Saucony's blurb on the Mirage 4, but let me give you the run down in my own laymen terms: This shoe is going to make me faster. I know it.

There isn't a ton of cushion or heel lift, but I don't feel the impact of a barefoot shoe either.

At about 10oz, they're light enough but also sturdy enough to support my fat ass. I have yet to feel any unwanted lateral movements.

The upper is especially comfortable, there has been no chaffing at my ankles.

There's a large built in reflector on the outer side of each shoe, that's a pretty nice perk for us night runner types. (Please supplement with upper body reflective garments!!)

Now, I haven't run long distances in them outside yet, so I cannot honestly confirm or deny the breathablity of the fabric on these. I can tell you however, that mine stink already. I don't necessarily feel my feet sweating, but these shoes smell already. Could just be me, dunno.

These puppies retail for 110$. That's a good chunk of coin. In a couple months when it's nicer outside I'll do a follow up review to see if 110 bones makes sense. Initial assessment says yes, but we'll have to wait and see.

Update 9/4/15
After some mileage, my ankle supination become to pronounced in this shoe and I had to retire it.
I am now running in the Kinvara. And that shoe is AMAZING. I should probably review that.

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